Banjara to me… ??!! it leads one to a search….

Not a destination-less wandering and musing but a focused exploration that is not rigid, tied, inflexible…where one has a lot of breathing space…from earth to the sky and beyond…

Banjara is one who questions, discovers, and continues to look for its own definitions and then decry those definitions to let things be as they are and not label them.

It searches meanings in words that are shambles of alphabets, and in sounds impregnated with deep echoes of time.

It touches the about to burst soap bubbles, and questions immortality;

It spreads its wings of desire for learning and takes all flights of fancy…to distant lands and civilizations gone…

It lets the cold sadness trickle along its arms and freeze at its fingertips and ponders impermanence.

It hears laughter in forsaken ruins of a fort, an age-old mosque…the basketball court at the corner of the road and the lamppost thereby.

It feels the dark sighs of the roaring waves when the clouds hide the amorous sliver of the moon on sound-less nights.

It whistles out the ancient tunes that large Oak trees and Banyans sang before their tiny leaves departed for the final journey every autumn.

It smells the delicate fragrance from the decorated wings of a colourful butterfly after it has just spent a cozy evening with her favorite bud- about to blossom.


Banjara to me is the possibility of everything far, distant, unreachable, intangible, cosmic and at the same time, our very own… the flame that burns deep inside our hearts… spreading like gold dust on our eyelashes… melting at our fingertips and erupting like a love song …that magical thing…. that races to touch the far ends of the scattering light waves and yet it ignites the very source of light!

Banjara to me is a dream of possibilities, juggling out its way through the reality of illusions and impossibilities.

Banjara, in its essence is that, which one labours diligently to define, buttressing with poetry and picture and in all this sincere effort, fails majestically.