Haathi Ki Po(N) (Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena)

Haathi ki Po(n)

CAST (in order of appearance):

Baba: Moitriyo Sengupta
Child: Swapnil kant Dikshit
Children: Shipra Sinha, Nitisha Singh, Ajit Gupta, Vikram,
Yousuf Fauzan, Ranjan, Parag Dhanuka, Neeraj, Ameeruddin, Amit, Saureesh Chakravorty
Adults: Sarika, Richa, Gyanesh, Gaurav Nanda, Abhinav, Anupam, Praveen Khemka, Ayush, Lt.Kapil Narula
Thinker: Sanket Kawde

Production Manager: Rohit Gupta
Production Incharge: Gaurav Nanda, Ayush Srivastava
Props Incharge: Sanket, Ranjan, Parag Dhanuka
Music & Choreography: Swapnil, Moitriyo, Neeraj, Amit, Sarika, Praveen

Direction: Rashi Bunny

It’s about Search. Life. That is.
Everybody has a different search. different path. No limits.
Search….then a search for what to search…research…
destination? goal?
What about the journey…
Struggle…toil…search…but Hope.
Some dedicate their entire life for a search…
Some dedicate a life time searching…
Small, big , now or later…
What is it?
How and where would you find that- when you would feel Arrived?

Born in 1927 and educated at the Allahabad University, Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena was known as a revolutionary Poet. As a Progressive writer, journalist, critic and philosopher, his aim was to raise questions and through humour, satire and song compel people to think farther than their mundane existence. His exceptional work as a playwright especially for Children is a result of his Vision of a India where right from childhood one would be trained to think seriously about one’s role and responsibility towards society. He was bestowed with the Sahitya Academy Award for his contribution to Hindi Literature in1983, a year before his final departure.