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Anurati Maya
Phir Aao Na
BANJARA launched in Mumbai with the premier show of ANURATI MAYA in illustrious presence of artists and actors like Kiron Bhatnagar, Nadira Babbar, Sanjana Kapoor and others in May 2011
Phir Aao Na
Nabh, Taaron se Khandit-Pulkit Hibakusha Press

From the Director’s Desk:


The suffering in a relationship, the trauma of a domestic breakdown, a political decision leading a society into tragedy or a brutal destruction of an entire nation, everything stems from a micro crack…a distancing from the core of our being… a breach of trust from being a human.

From an ugly divorce to a nuclear warfare, the source of any impending doom lies at one root cause: the loss of a “Connect” to our own self. To this inner realm, where each one of us knows the Reality, where we are aware of the meaning of “ Beauty’, “Truth” and “ the Eternal”, we must connect back. We must hear to our inner calling when it says, -- PhirAaoNa !!! And begin afresh!
Here is to a New Beginning!!

Composed of two short plays by eminent American playwrights!

‘PHIR AAO NA’ is an attempt to rediscover the‘thread’ that connects us. The thread between people through different relationships, varied social set up, critical circumstances, political decisions. Through the discovery of connect, we trace a path of ‘coming back’ and in the sojourn itself we find that the tragedy is in the loss of the connect ‘with oneself’.

Thus, PHIR AAO NA becomes a presentation of 2 short tragic plays based on diverse realities written by Eminent American playwrights, tied together in a lyrical thread.