The Road to Mecca
Anurati Maya
Phir Aao Na
BANJARA launched in Mumbai with the premier show of ANURATI MAYA in illustrious presence of artists and actors like Kiron Bhatnagar, Nadira Babbar, Sanjana Kapoor and others in May 2011
Phir Aao Na - Hibakusha
Nabh, Taaron se Khandit-Pulkit Hibakusha Press


Hibakusha -' those who were bombed'.A poignant story of a family,fighting the horrifying memories of a brutal act that not just changed a nation but also the world.Living with the demons of what they have witnessed, a family struggles within itself: to look behind at the past or embrace the choose between their loved fight or to surrender...Indecisiveness continues…Who will triumph at last…life or death?
Hibakusha is a lyrical poetry. Not only does it intensely portray how human would always create and rebuild, but that how Love heals all. Extremely sensitively written, HIBAKUSHA is not a saga of the war victims and stigmatized locals, the play is a deep & philosophical journey on human values at large. It is in fact the Ultimate Love Story!! “The mist of hope rises from the debris of war: love reigns.”

Okuma- Lalit Bhardwaj
Shinji Ishikawa- Yousuf Fauzan, Himanshu Katara, Anish Kumar,Vishal Sharma
Hisa Ishikawa- Laxmi Rawat, AkritiSaxena, Monika Sharma,Vinali Doshi
Mishi’s mother- Arunima Joshi, Monika Sharma
Doctor- Bheem Thakur
Chorus- Debaditya Chakraborty, Anish Kumar, Laxmi Rawat, AkritiSaxena, Monika Sharma,Vinali Doshi, Arunima Joshi, BheemThakur, HimanshuKatara, Vishal Sharma.

Based on Ernest Ferlita’s “Mask of Hiroshima”, Hibakusha adapted by Sanchaiyta Bhattacharya