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Anurati Maya
Phir Aao Na
BANJARA launched in Mumbai with the premier show of ANURATI MAYA in illustrious presence of artists and actors like Kiron Bhatnagar, Nadira Babbar, Sanjana Kapoor and others in May 2011
Phir Aao Na - Nabh Taaron Se Khandit, Pulkit
Nabh, Taaron se Khandit-Pulkit Hibakusha Press

Nabh Taaron Se Khandit, Pulkit

Our unique gifts...idiosyncrasies…special qualities…can turn into a curse or a gift…. then relationships…marriage….love… all turn into a bizarre dark comedy. Just the way the sky is dissected as well as adorned by millions of stars at the same time!!
A day in the life of 4 friends/2 couples/ 1 twisted love affair and emotions like love, lust, betrayal, greed, insecurity, fear and other unfathomable self- created disasters like marriage! Look at the society carefully, notice couples in an urban modern nuclear set-up, They are all lonely souls: their lives are sterile, self-referential and self-consuming.

Mohit is a writer, thus doomed to a life of watching rather than participating. He is the cliche of the literary predator who exploits the women in his life for his work, as subject matter. Chirag lives in a fog of goodness: in his kitchen garden and his domesticity he attempts to find the fertility and plenty that is missing from his life. Shivi&Dalnaz, the two women are creatively barren, a lack which finds its outlet in their neuroticism. Is their yesterday, today and tomorrow any different from many whom we know??!!

Mohit :Shyam Kishore/ SubratChowdhary
Chirag: YousufFauzan/ SubratChowdhary
Shivangini: LaxmiRawat/ Arunima Joshi
Dalnaaz:Rashi Bunny/ LaxmiRawat

Based on Self Torture &Strenous Exercise by Harry Kondoloen adapted by Madhu Noel