The Road to Mecca
Anurati Maya
Phir Aao Na
BANJARA launched in Mumbai with the premier show of ANURATI MAYA in illustrious presence of artists and actors like Kiron Bhatnagar, Nadira Babbar, Sanjana Kapoor and others in May 2011
Phir Aao Na
Nabh, Taaron se Khandit-Pulkit Hibakusha Press

About the play

Let us reconnect to that in us which knows the ‘truth’, ‘beauty’ and ‘eternity’
(A double bill of short plays in Hindi by eminent American playwrights)
“Nabh, Taaron se Khandit-Pulkit”
….. the war within
( a bizarre dark comedy on marriage & love affairs)

….. the ultimate Love Story
(a post war lyrical story on love and longing)

Designed & Directed by Rashi Bunny