A Twisted Tale In Dillydale
Director :Rashi Bunny Writer :Charmi Chheda

Cast & Crew :
Pawan Singh, Ranvir Punater, Suraj Chauhan, Marcell Dsouza, Prateek Sur, Priyanka Gairola, Swarali Marathe

`A Twisted Tale In Dillydale`, is a rib-tickling adventure featuring Roger Hargreaves` iconic and classic characters Mr. Men & Little Miss. A lot can happen when a naughty clown enters Dillydale to create havoc in the lives of Mr. Men & Little Mess by taking away their friend Little Miss Princess.
10 year old Daniel is then sent to stop the clown. Will Daniel be able to help his new friends? Will he be able to stop the clown? What will happen when the Dillydalers find out the big secret about Daniel? To join in the adventure, come and watch this childrens spectacular musical. Copyright 2014 THOIP (a SANRIO Company)
Best viewed in 1024x768 screen resolution