Banjara celebrates with HIBAKUSHA: a play in hindi performing at Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar Festival in New Delhi on Sept 12. Preview in Mumbai on Aug 31! We invite one and all..


Japanese for ' those who were bombed'. A poignant story of a family, fighting the horrifying memories of a brutal act that not just changed a nation but also the world. Living with the demons of what they have witnessed, the family struggles within itself: to fear the past or embrace the choose between their loved fight the facts or to surrender to the fate...Indecisiveness continues…Who will triumph at last…life or death?

Hibakusha is a lyrical poetry. Not only does it intensely portray how humans would always create & rebuild, but also how Love can heal anything. Extremely sensitively written, HIBAKUSHA is not a saga of the war victims & stigmatized locals, the play is a deep & philosophical journey on human values at large. It is in fact the Ultimate Love Story!!

Hibakusha is one play from the show “PhirAao Na”. From an ugly divorce to a nuclear warfare, the source of any impending doom lies at one root cause: the loss of a “Connect” to our own self. To this inner realm, where each one of us knows the Reality, where we are aware of the meaning of “Beauty”, “Truth” and “the Eternal”, we must connect back. We must hear to our inner calling when it says, -- PhirAaoNa !!! And begin afresh!
Here is to a New Beginning!!


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