with Rashi Bunny in April, May and June, Mumbai

If you have complaints about how your child needs opening up, or talking inpublic, learn to not be so loud or stay glued to tv or video games, this workshop is not for you.

If you expect your child to become a child-actor and be licensed for getting roles in serials, ads or films, this workshop is not for you.
If labels like ‘personality development’, ‘confidence building’, ‘cultivating imagination’, ‘public speech’ or other such natural qualities of children attract you, please ignore this workshop.

There will be no ‘presentation’ at the end of this workshop, no demonstration of the activities that the children ‘learnt’. If you need a ‘showcase’ for your children, please please please, just stop reading Now.

I HAVE A DREAM Workshop is for beautiful gifts called Children, not objects that you claim as your property. Your dumb, unconfident, rowdy, out-of control smaller size entities that you have no pride in belonging to, are not allowed in this workshop. Please Stop Reading Further.

But if you believe in Dreams that Make Childern who they are and want to partner in the blossoming of these wonderful magical individuals,
email at ispamit@gmail.com and recieve details for registration. Limited seats.