What's a theatre workshop ?
Theatre is multi-faceted, many dimensional exploration process that helps develop:
  • Sensitivity - Guiding creative talents, being sensitive and aware, Using creative energies for individual and collective development.
  • Sense of Responsibility - Taking responsibility for self. Exploring possibilities and making conscious choices.
  • Communication skills - Becoming aware of ideas, understanding them and knowing how to express them so that they are properly communicated.
  • Willingness to learn - Understanding the limits of knowledge and experience and the developing a need to extend them constantly.
  • Co-operation - Being able to share - ideas, thoughts, wishes, dreams; sharing fears, anxieties and complexes, sharing resources, abilities, and talents.
  • Exellence & Evolution - Working together for a common goal, a unified vision devoid of personal ambitions and yet excelling at individual levels.
  • Enjoying work - And Finally its about having FUN !!!!!!! Because there can be no real experiental learning and no theatre without one absolutely loving it

Theatre Workshops are called under various titles: workshops to enhance skills in communication / leadership/ personality development/ confidence building/ public appearance and speech etc. But essentially, our Workshop is merely a journey for the participant. Where one learns to work in a team, yet excel individually, discover one self and understands one’s opinions and the reasons for them, expresses one’s thoughts in public and holds on to one’s conviction, but also learns that adaptability and flexibility are basic ingredients for growth.

The Workshop is a place where the participant tries to find out who he/she is and why, puts effort in understanding how the world is around him/her and what needs to be done on his/her part to make it more hospitable. Where the participant’s emotions, ideas, sensitivity and vulnerability are understood and accepted. A place where one becomes conscious of one’s own responsibility and realizes one’s role as a master of one’s destiny.